on 31 AUG 2021 12:57 PM 

COPASA , as part of its continuous commitment to innovation, has relied on MainRail for the digitization of its operations with the use of our software platform for the
management of its maintenance work on slopes and trenches in ADIF’s metric gauge network in Cantabria.

App Mainrail With the deployment of our SaaS platform, COPASA will record the various inspections and works done directly in this solution,
using the mobile app synchronized with MainRail cloud system. Additionally Key Project Indicators will be analyzed automatically for each kind of asset and operation, monitoring materials stocks, resource consumptions and operators work.

Having all the information and data generated in the same multi-user platform will allow not only to analyze the information generated in real time, but also to optimize operations to reduce the cost of maintenance, increasing the quality of the work carried out and the traceability in the control of operations.

In addition to the advantages of this kind of tool itself (increased efficiency, reduced costs, capacity to anticipate by means of predictive algorithms, etc.), implementing MainRail makes it possible to significantly reduce interactions and situations at risk of Covid-19, as the maintenance teams carry out all their work on the ground, without having to go to the base to pick up or submit work orders.

What’s more, as all historical data generated is included in MainRail and can be linked with other tools for data acquisition and IoT devices, artificial intelligence algorithms and “digital twins” may be implemented later, making it possible to progress towards predictive maintenance models in order to optimise cost management
and extend the useful life of infrastructures.

MainRail is a modular software which is specifically designed to digitalise railway infrastructure maintenance, developed by the technological centre CEIT and the software specialist company INYCOM.

After being established as an independent company less than a year ago, MainRail SL achieved its third commercial contract to implement its software platform, after deploying it in the Zaragoza Tram for the management of energy and traction assets and in the Serveis Ferroviaris network of Mallorca for track systems
and infrastructure.

On the last July, MainRail raise 1,1 M€ in a venture round lead by two founds managed by Clave and CDTI INNVIERTE. At the end of August a new CTO join the company. Rodrigo Lagos Cereceda, Industrial Engenier Phd from the Railway Research Institute (Huddersfield University, UK)  with a wide experience on railway industry working with sector leaders as Network Rail, RSSB, CAF, Milan Metro or Altran.

MainRail presented some months ago its digitization solutions for railway maintenance in a webinar organised by the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC). A summary of this presentation may be found via the following link.