on 16 SEP 2021 11:58 AM 

MainRail team toke part of the European Light Train Congress organized by mainspring during the 15th and 16th of September at Zaragoza, being oun of the first presential event of the sector since Covid-19 appeared in our lifes.

European Light Rail Congress has brought together leading opinion-formers and decision-makers from across Europe for two days of debate around the role of technology in the development of sustainable urban travel.

During the technical visit to Zaragoza’s light train depot lead by CAF, our CEO Jorge Rodríguez have shown the deployment our platform to manage electric system
maintenance operations and data, performed for CAF&TE (the company in charge of the maintenance of this assets). MainRail platform is being used by CAF&TE to

  • 36 type of assetss with more 1.694 assets included in the digital inventory
  • 52 type of activities fully parameterized including preventing and corrective maintenance
  • 74 failures modes analyzed
  • 3.303 KPI’s calculated automatically by the platform in real time
  • 653 different resources units (personal,equipment and materials

The deployment of MainRail allows to CAF&TE team to report information from the workint site thanks to the android app of MainRail, in order to gather all the data in real time directly on the platform, analyzing relevant information that it’s show to the office team leaders.

MainRail SaaS platform is integrated with Zaragoza Light Train ICT system, MAXIMO (IBM) in order to integrated all the worklfow done in our platform, with the general
CMMS used by the infrastructure adminitrator.